Contract Ammunition Loading

Parabellum Research offers a full range of contract loading services for those who need ammunition manufactured but may not have the capacity, equipment, or expertise to handle the request. Our strict processes and automated equipment combine to offer safe, reliable, and accurate ammunition in both pistol and rifle calibers. With access to a full line of OEM loading components, we can produce ammunition not otherwise available on the commercial market that can help differentiate your product's performance from the competition. With well-developed production processes, we are capable of holding to industry leading tolerances and during production there is constant monitoring of the key physical parameters like OAL, powder charge, primer depth, and neck tension. In addition, we conduct ballistic testing of during production to ensure each lot of ammunition is consistent and meets the standards set by the customer as it comes off the machine. We are capable of loading dozens of calibers, including vintage and obsolete calibers, with our equipment. If you are in need of any of our contract loading services send us an email today to begin discussing how we can help you meet your goals.

Private Label

If you have ever considered offering ammunition under your own brand to increase your sales and leverage your existing customer base then we can help. No matter the market, a quality round your customer can count on will inspire loyalty as well as strengthen and extend your brand. In addition to being able to customize ammunition to your specifications, we can help you with packaging your brand in unique ways. Packaging options range from trays in printed die cut sleeves to specialized plastic packaging solutions with custom labeling. Our goal is to help you increase your bottom line with ammunition that your customers will come back for time and time again. Get your ammunition made and branded the way you want today without any of the overhead or distractions of manufacturing operations.

Flex Capacity

If your company has the orders for ammunition but cannot fill them, then we can load ammunition to your specifications to make sure those sales are not lost or delayed. Our high speed equipment is capable of turning out millions of rounds of ammunition held to tight tolerances using industry leading components. While you focus on sales, you can rest assured that our trained operators are manufacturing the exact ammunition you ordered that will leave your customers satisfied and looking to purchase more. In addition to loading ammunition, Parabellum Research can also sort, clean, and process cartridge casings to support your manufacturing operations as well as offer packaging services to meet the needs that your company may have. Find out how we can supplement your production capabilities to boost your revenue, output, and efficiency.


Building an ammunition plant and developing proper processes to produce quality ammunition is expensive, time consuming, and difficult. If you have an idea or demand for a product line but don't have a facility or are just getting started, then we can help. Parabellum Research has the equipment, expertise, and ability to help bypass many of the issues facing a startup that prevent them efficiently manufacturing ammunition or worse, cause them to manufacture bad ammunition that damages their fledgling brand. With our services your startup can get your ammunition into the market to build your brand and cash flow while you work to develop you own facilities utilizing our consulting services. We can leverage our years of experience in the industry and network of contacts to help build out your facility in a manner that meets your actual needs based on real world experience rather than a generic sales pitch from an equipment manufacturer. Don't spend money on things that don't contribute to your bottom line, let us help your startup hit the ground running and build a clear path towards a profitable future.

Development Services

Using our many years of experience we can help those who do not have a specification for their ammunition to develop one. We can provide guidance, prototyping, ballistic testing, and final qualification to create a loading specification that meets our customer's demands. PBR has the resources to help our customers whether it is simply improving on an existing cartridge or creating a new offering from the ground up in a cartridge never before seen. With a presence in retail, competition, and law-enforcement markets we have the knowledge to help turn your idea into reality. Frangible, lead-free, minor, major, match, long-range competition, sporting, plinking, hunting, blasting, self-defense, duty, and anything in between can be developed with our help.

Shooting Ranges

With customers always looking for a great deal, we can help offer them ammunition at a price that makes buying outside your range a thing of the past. Our Range Program is well developed and has been successful in driving sales increased with major ranges. For ranges that require it, we are capable of loading ammunition for ranges that require frangible or fully lead-free ammunition. Many ranges who load their own ammunition find that we can offer ammunition at a price that let's them stop loading and focus on their primary business, operating a shooting range.

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