Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) Transfers

Parabellum Research is happy to offer our services to help an individual properly transfer a firearm in accordance with federal regulations. We can both ship and receive firearms from other FFLs via USPS or common carriers like UPS and FedEx. If you have purchased a firearm and need this service, then we are happy to help you. The normal transfer process is simple and requires very little beyond giving us some information about the transfer.

Once you have purchased your firearm, the dealer or seller will ask what FFL you plan to use for the transfer. At that point, you can inform them that you are using us (Parabellum Research, LLC) to facilitate the transfer. If they have a copy of our FFL on-hand, then they will ship the weapon to us without any further action. If they do not, they will need a copy of our FFL before they can ship the firearm. To provide that, we need the seller or dealer's contact information (usually their email address) so we can provide them a copy of our FFL. For ease of use, we have the following template that you can use to email us directly or use with our contact page. Please copy and paste the following template into the body of the email, then fill in your information so that we can begin work on your transfer.

Your Name:
Your Phone Number:
Seller's Name:
Seller Phone Number:
Seller's Email Address:
Order or Auction Number:
Firearm Model:

Even if a company has our FFL on file, we request that you send us an email with the above information because not every seller includes the buyer's information with the firearm. In that situation, we have a firearm but do not know who to contact and have to wait for the buyer to finally get tired of waiting an contact us. Sending us an email with your information can help avoid that situation and get your firearm into your possession as quickly as possible.

Once we receive the shipment we will contact you to setup a time to process the transfer. It takes ~15-20 minutes for a transfer involving a NICS (background) check and ~5-10 minutes if the transfer does not because you possess a valid Texas LTCH card. Please note, we DO NOT offer same day pickup so DO NOT come to the shop simply because the shipping company notified you of the delivery. Before transferring a firearm we must log it, we only log firearms at the end of the day, and will call you when it is ready to transfer. If you need same day service, please find another FFL who can offer that level of service to you because we do not offer same day service. We will call you once your firearm is checked in and ready to transfer if we have your contact information.

We charge $20 if your transfer requires a NICS check and $15 if it does not. Payment is via cash or check, we do not take credit cards for firearm related activities. Our hours for transfers are MWF from 12pm-4pm or by appointment made in advance. Multiple firearms can be transferred at the same time for an additional cost of $10 per firearm. Please note that we do NOT provide any legal advice on your purchase and will refer you to the Texas Penal Code and the United States Code dealing with weapons to help you find your answer. Know the law before you purchase a firearm as we will not transfer or a firearm in violation of any law and our fees are not refundable if your transfer is declined or impermissible due to legal reasons. Our hours to process transfers are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12pm-4pm