Law Enforcement Ammunition

Parabellum Research is proud to serve the law enforcement community and has been providing ammunition to that community since opening our doors in 2009. From the early days of individual deputies stopping by to pick-up a few boxes to practice for qualification to today where we supply a pallet of ammunition to a department, we have consistently supported law enforcement and first responders with the best ammunition possible. We are capable of producing a full spectrum ammunition including training, frangible, lead-free, duty, and precision rifle ammunition in virtually all calibers carried by officers. Whatever the size of your department or your volume, we can provide you with the ammunition that meets your exact needs and performance specifications.

Training Ammunition

Shooting is a perishable skill, must be maintained with practice, and that means putting rounds downrange. Our standard Perfect Practice Ammunition™ offerings offer a reliable, accurate round with great recoil qualities allowing the shooter to focus on improving their skills. Our proven loadings function the entire spectrum of firearms likely to be carried by officers including compacts and small backup guns. For departments that wish to train with ammunition with the ballistics of their duty ammunition, we can load training ammunition that duplicates their duty choice exactly but at a much more cost effective price. With millions of rounds under our belt and solid references to back our product, your training staff can focus on training instead of dealing with ammunition problems that slow down and derail the limited time your officers have to train.

Frangible and Lead Free

If you department has access to shoot house or uses reactive steel targets then the need for ammunition that is compatible with those environments is a must. We can load ammunition utilizing a lead-free frangible projectile in most calibers that will disintegrate upon contact with steel plates and targets minimizing splash-back towards the operators and instructors. That includes rifle calibers such as 223 and 308 calibers for close in training with long-rifles in urban simulations. Also, for departments that have chosen to go completely lead-free for their training environment, PBR can load ammunition using lead free projectiles and primers for a zero lead solution.

Duty and Precision

For departments who wish to customize their ammunition beyond what is available commercially to them, we offer custom loading services to meet your every need. Our ability to customize ammunition ranges from a change in bullet grain weight for better penetration or a higher BC bullet to give your precision marksmen more reach to the design of a cartridge from the ground up. With our in-house ballistic testing and precision machinery, we can make a round that meets your specifications

Service and Support

With PBR, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer of the ammunition rather than a middleman who just views your department as another account to meet their quota. When you call, you'll be talking to the people who make our products and we take our commitment to the law enforcement community seriously. Every officer, no matter if their department buys ammunition from us or not, is eligible for a discount on our ammunition simply by emailing us their credentials. to receive a discount code. Our dedication to our product and service won't be beat by any distributor out there, no matter the brand. In addition, we pride ourselves on prompt delivery times to meet your departments needs and we don't require bulk purchases to get our best prices. Buy the ammo you need when you need it instead of filling your armory with a year's worth of ammunition. We are happy to offer references to departments who use our ammunition and can attest to the quality and level of service that we deliver.

Pricing and Sales

Since there is no middleman, we can offer competitive pricing on all of our ammunition for law enforcement use. For all department sales, we are properly registered to offer FET exempt pricing as required by the Trade and Tax Bureau (TTB). For the most competitive pricing, our Value Line, manufactured using fired casings, is a great, cost-effective alternative to ammunition using new casings for training. Our commercial processing and loading equipment, strict QC, and gaging process means that every round of ammunition will function flawlessly like ammunition loaded with a new casing but at a better price. Don't confuse this product with the "reloads" peddled by some manufacturers that are ripe with problems, we load and process on the industry's gold-standard, Camdex machinery.

Every single round is case-gaged before being boxed which means it will fit and function in every firearm meeting the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute (SAAMI) standards. Just because a cartridge has a new casing doesn't mean it will perform better than ammunition loaded in a fired casing, the casing is only one part of the cartridge. As many of our customers have found, our Value Line offers cleaner, more accurate, and consistent results than many other brands of ammunition due to the use of top quality components. Many competitive shooters use our Value Line to turn in top notch performance in 3-gun and USPSA matches match after match in their pistols and rifles.

For applications where the only new casings can be used, like duty or custom loadings, we offer our Premium Line manufactured with unfired cartridge casings. This takes our already consistent loadings in the Value Line to the next level by using the best casings made by US manufacturers like Starline and Jag. When there can be no compromise on performance, this line of ammunition will deliver in all pistol and rifle caliber in any configuration.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your department with your ammunition needs.