Value Line 9mm Luger 115gr TMJ Seconds

Value Line 9mm Luger 115gr TMJ Seconds

Value Line 9mm Luger 115gr TMJ Seconds

Seconded Ammunition, Limited Availability

Caliber: 9mm Luger
Brass Type: Processed
Bullet Style: Total Metal Jacket
Bullet Weight: 115 grains
Test Guns: Glock 17 (4.5") / Beretta 92FS (4.9")
FPS: 1140.2 / 1185.2
Power Factor: 131.1 / 136.3
Box Quantity: 100 (Seconds)

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Seconded Ammunition Information
This item is identical to our normal Value Line 9mm Luger 115gr TMJ offering but we have classified it as a second because it does not meet our cosmetic or lot code control standards for the Value Line. While the ammunition is fully functional and passes a minimum chamber gaging process, it contains cartridges that may have cosmetic blemishes or be from two different lot codes. Cosmetic blemishes include, but are not limited to spots, stains, scratches, small dings, non-critical denting, and just plain ugly casings. Lot code changes, resulting from the changing of a component lot code used in manufacture, may result in slightly different performance but it will still be within normal variation for the product. Due to those reasons, this product is offered at a discount compared to the normal Value Line offering. Please make sure that you understand those points before purchasing this ammunition as there are no refunds or exchanges made for seconds.

Please note, this is NOT normal production ammunition. We do not set out to make seconds and therefore this product will rarely be in stock.

This ammunition is also called 9x19mm and 9mm Parabellum but it is not the same as 9x18mm Makarov, 9x21mm, or 9mm Largo.

Priced per 100 round box. Seconded Ammunition

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